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Do Not Disturb Registry

For those you who haven’t heard of it, the DND (Do Not Disturb) registry service allows us register to opt out of all unsolicited promotional SMSs and calls.

If you want to register for the DND registry, just call 1909, or send an SMS with START 0 to 1909. It takes 7 days to be fully activated.

While the DND registry is great, and does a pretty good job of keeping the big marketers away… it was only a matter time before people started finding workarounds.. so now you have marketers (usually small-time agencies) who ignore the DND registry…

So how do you register a complaint against offenders of your DND rights? Just call 1909, or send an SMS to 1909 with the following format:

brief description of the call, Phone number of SMS header, dd/mm/yy
call related to selling land plots, 9792124000, 15/05/13
SMS for bank loan, LM-BANK, 15/05/13

After you send the SMS, you should get a reply saying that your complaint has been registered, you’ll soon get an SMS from your mobile operator with a complaint ID, and the date by which you’ll receive an update of the action taken (usually within 1 week)

And thats it… you’ve done your duty!

Quick Links:
Official Govt. website:
Check your registration status:
Check you complaint status:

And a bit of gossip, it seems that the DND really got a push for implementation after Pranab Mukherjee once received a call offering him a loan during a very important meeting… he was the Finance Minister of India then!

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Ubuntu Tips

Here is a collection of applications, tweaks and other gems that make life in Ubuntu more livable. I plan to keep updating and expanding this list as I wade through the unfamiliar world of Linux. One guarantee is that all these solutions will be tried and tested by me personally. So if it doesn’t work for you… then you can be quite sure, its just you.

  1. Windows 7-like snapping windows to half/full screen size:
    I have tried this on Ubuntu 10.10, and it works beautifully.

The lesser known triple-click, and its famous cousin.

Have you ever been frustrated with trying to select the whole line in the google search bar, browser address bar? Ever gone on a crazy clicking spree get everything selected, only to click extra and lose it all? Well I’m here to tell you about a wonderful invention called the triple-click!

So I’ve made a short tutorial, its suitable for all but the completely brain-dead.
Click once on text in the address bar: Nothing happens
Double-twice: the word gets selected
Triple-click!: the whole line gets selected!
Oh, and by the way, some browsers select the whole line on the first click, but if you screw up that first click, and click more than once, then you have go with a triple click after that (or click somewhere outside to reset the behavior).

The middle click!
Also while we’re on the subject of clicking, let me also tell you about the middle mouse wheel, which is extremely underutilized. Here are few ways to use it:
1. Middle click on a tab to close it (works in almost all applications with tabs).
2. Middle click on a link to open it in a new tab. Go ahead…. middle click me! (Very useful when opening multiple tabs from a google page)
3. Press CTRL while rolling the mouse wheel, and watch the page zoom in and out.
Wondering how to use the (highly addictive) middle click on your laptop touchpad? Well, just click on both L and R buttons at the same time.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, but now its time for payback!
Leave a comment if you have any shame.

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